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Lea grew up in the United States, moving from the east coast to the west coast in mid 60’s. As an only child and being raised in an era of “children should be seen and not heard”, crayons, paper and pencils became her silent companions. Encouraged by both parents and teachers at school, she continued on her goal to become a productive, accomplished artist. Art Center College of Art and Design in Los Angeles attracted her based on its fine reputation and she majored in advertising illustration. After completing 3 years of study, Lea earned a Bachelor of Fine Art and headed north to Vancouver, BC, a place which she had visited during a holiday between semesters. Lea began working as a freelance illustrator and photographer mainly with advertising agencies and some notable personal clients including BC Forest Products and the UBC Botanical Gardens.

In the late eighties, Lea had the opportunity to further her studies and undertook three years at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, completing a Diploma of Fine Art with a concentration in ceramics, three dimensional work and mixed media. It also gave her the confidence to begin to let go of the commercial art field and move more towards fine art, sculpting and painting. Lea also began working and curating in galleries in Vancouver, Delta and White Rock, amercing herself totally in the art world and observing the styles and techniques of other artists.

Today she is painting full time in-between teaching children and adults in both group and private lessons. She also volunteers with the South Delta Artists Guild, helping to strengthen the art community.


Lea Price - Artist Statement - The Journey

I find moving between painting and sculpture is an ever flowing dance, where I take my own twist on life.

Sometimes humorous, sometimes serene, my work strives to seize the mood, the personality and spirit of the moment, whether it is a landscape or a portrait of a creature, strong colour and composition prevail.

Just putting paint on a sub-straight, whether 2 or 3 dimensional, is a sensual process for me. I feel passionate about what I do, what I feel.To capture the essence of what speaks to me is my goal. To challenge myself, to go beyond the comfortable, is something I push to do.

Where that journey goes is my path.

I have been very fortunate to have outstanding mentors who showed me their techniques and ways of creating art. Since coming to Canada, I too have taught both children and adults.

I feel strongly about helping others who have the passion to make art, by giving them a solid and fluid foundation thus allowing them the essential skills to create something in their own way.


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